Coaching The Body™ Certification

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About Coaching The Body™ Certification

All practitioners listed on this site have completed one or more certification levels at Coaching The Body Institute in Evanston, IL. Coaching the Body is a highly unique approach to therapeutic bodywork that utilizes techniques from traditional Thai massage as a means of efficiently treating trigger points in muscles and restoring normal motion across joints.

CTBI founder Chuck Duff taught the first CTB course in 2005 after he began combining the concepts of trigger point therapy and traditional Thai techniques in hopes of finding a better way of treating pain. He began seeing phenomenal success with his clients, and now 15 years later, the school offers three levels of in-person certification along with several focused pain area Specialist certifications.

CTB Certification Levels

When searching for a practitioner to help with your pain, here is a guide to help you understand the various certification terms.

CTB Master Practitioner

This is the highest level of certification that we offer. CTB Master Practitioners have gone through multiple years of coursework, have had extensive clinical experience and direct apprenticeship with Chuck Duff. Master practitioners are fully qualified to treat all pain conditions.

CTB Advanced Practitioner

Advanced practitioners are highly qualified bodyworkers who have studied for several years, established successful clinical practices and have completed our basic CTBP certification along with additional advanced coursework. They have apprenticed with Chuck Duff and other instructors and are qualified to treat most pain conditions.

CTB Practitioner

CTB Practitioners have been through our basic level of certification, consisting of 250 hours of coursework, apprentice style study with instructors, and have established a clinical practice. All of our certification programs are competency-based, and CTBP practitioners have demonstrated their competency at treating common upper and lower body complaints.

CTB Pain Specialist

Specialist is a targeted certification that focuses on specific pain areas. Specialists have not been through our full in-person certification, but have done online and in-person study and we have verified their competency in the specialties that they have certified for. Currently, CTBI offers Specialist certifications in Shoulder Pain and Sciatic Pain.


Finding A Practitioner

We only list people in our directory who have completed some form of in-person certification with us. That being said, we can only vouch for their level of training, and cannot predict or guarantee that a given practitioner will be able to help you with your pain.


Studying at CTBI

CTBI offers one of the most advanced, evidence-based and successful training programs in the world for treating pain. We offer online and in-person course options. To find out more about our programs, please visit our website or contact us here.