All Specialist

CTB™ Specialist Practitioners have demonstrated competence in treating specific pain areas such as sciatic pain or shoulder pain.

    Stacey Styborski – Naples, FL

    William Baird, Coaching The Body™ Clinic – Evanston, IL

    William Baird, Coaching The Body™ Institute – Southeast Florida

    Jill Duncan, Wellness by Jill – St. Louis. MO

    Heidi Domangue, Freedom Arts & Bodywork – New Orleans, LA

    Stephanie Braden – Fort Wayne, IN

    Lev Pasikhov, The Body Repair Shop – Florida

    Nikelle Burrough, Crescent Moon Massage – Williams Bay, WI

    Randy Hill, My Thai Massage – Apple Valley, CA

    Stacey Styborski – Chagrin Falls, OH