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Specialist Practitioners have demonstrated competence in treating specific pain areas such as sciactic pain or shoulder pain.

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    Lev Pasikhov, CTB™ Sciatica/Hip Specialist – Florida

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    The Body Repair Shop, CTB™ Shoulder Specialist – Florida

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    Nikelle Burrough, CTB™ Hip/Sciatica Specialist – Williams Bay, WI

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    Nikelle Burrough, CTB™ Shoulder Specialist – Williams Bay, WI

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    Randy Hill, CTB™ Sciatica/Hip Specialist – Apple Valley, CA

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    Randy Hill, CTB™ Shoulder Specialist – Apple Valley, CA

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    Stacey Styborski, CTB Shoulder Specialist – Pittsburgh, PA

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    Stacey Styborski, CTB™ Shoulder Specialist – Chagrin Falls, OH

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    Zoë Verdin, CTB™ Sciatica/Hip Specialist – Evanston, IL

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    Zoë Verdin, CTB™ Shoulder Specialist – Evanston, IL